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My heart just skipped a beat

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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby Rayne » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:47 am

BTW I'm not banned there, i just deleted my content and stopped going to that forum.

EDIT* Looks like i am muted after all. Seems that FS team is so afraid i might start something on their forum they decided to leave me muted.
Nice job FS team, and then you'll come here and act all insulted, "who you not support us". This is why i don't support you anymore.

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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby johnnyenglish » Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:47 am

lol, you lot crack me up.

Who would have thought that creating an independant map making community would have been this dramatic and interesting? It's been a wild ride since Rayney had this crazy idea, lots of weird stuff and funny dramas.

Anyway, CMM is still here, it's not going anywhere, it's still dedicated to making, developing and promoting mapping for urt and other games.. and having fun.

My advice to everyone is to be happy for Mike - he totally deserves his new position, be supportive of FS if possible (they make our fave game) and go make some decent maps!!!!

If you need anything, PM me.

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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby banksy » Wed Aug 22, 2012 10:12 am

<3 you rayne. I appreciate the help (once my map is finished, look for easter eggs. You will be pleasantly surprised :P as will the rest of CMM)

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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby Rayne » Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:42 pm

LOL Banksy will do.

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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby RaideR » Thu Aug 23, 2012 2:12 pm

Dear CMM,

Since our last news post, I have been reading what people have been saying and keeping a back seat. I came across this thread now and since I am a guest here i would just like to say a few words on your turf about "My Position" on this thread.

First of all, I would like to state for the record that our "Policy of Recruitment" is none of anyone's business but our own. So discussion of "who we should look to recruit" is a mute point. We take on people we believe are right for the job and compatible with the team as a whole. We make Urban Terror as a hobby not a job and we treat the FS Team as a group of friends NOT as a business to make a game. I find this really quite appalling in the manor of which people are going about raising their personal objections regarding this matter. Some of the stuff in this thread is simply offensive / rude and out of order. I'm not asking for it's removal, it's none of my business what so ever how you run your site/organisation. That being said, it is really bad form to speak of a "For Free Team of Hobbiest Game Developers" in such a tasteless and rude way.

It's clear that CMM does not support our direction, and we respect your choice in this regard, it's your choice. We at FS have very little to no confidence that CMM is friendly to our team and as such I am faced with a "dilemma".

If your community does not have a "common mutual respect", which, in this context, seems to not be returned in kind any longer, I can't support the idea of linking to your site or resources. This is a same as they are GOOD resources and for the most part, a great place for mappers to make their own friends and make maps, which is why your all here, at least that's what i assume. In any professional / group social environment, where people are working together, speaking about people who have MADE the game you did some maps for shows a TOTAL disregard for any and all respect for "the part we played" which allows you to do your hobby.

If you decide that Urban Terror is not for you, i respect your choice, it's your choice and I would never presume to have any say in your own personal choices made. However! I can't grant CMM higher level group, tagging, linking and otherwise support your site, knowing and seeing the kind of content i saw today. Why should we support something or someone who can't "control" there frustration and post very mean / unfair comments.

I will review what im going to do over the next 12 hours or so, check my thoughts on this whole thing. But more than likely, we at the moment are being forced to go our "separate ways" so to speak.

I wish you good luck, please contact me on IRC / Email or by PM on our website and I will be happy to discuss the situation as long as it is done in a polite and cival manor.

Thanks for your time,

Good Luck to the future,

Best Wishes,


raider [at] urbanterror [dot] info

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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby Rylius » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:31 pm

Sorry RaideR, you blew that one yourself.
CMM has contacted FS a long time ago and strictly enforced the same rules regarding modding UrT/talking about Frozen Sand as in your very own forums.
Except for the UJ/CMM jump mapping competition CMM never got any exposure or replies from you guys. All we received was silence.

If you had started building an actual relationship with this community things would look very differently now. While many members of this community still wouldn't agree with this decision (myself included), all moderators and admins (again, myself included) would enforce a civil and respectful talk.
As we never got the impression FS cared anyway, well, here's the result.

Don't blame CMM for destroying this "relationship".
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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby ValkoVer » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:32 pm

[00:35] <ValkoVer> btw why dont pm kr0m and ask him to open your thread?
[00:35] <Delirium> he probably doens't want it open for discussion
[00:35] <ValkoVer> its a shame so much text was wasted :x
[00:35] <Delirium> I don't care, I wanted a response from FS
[00:35] <Delirium> not from the community
[00:36] <ValkoVer> haha and you got it - we dont ant to talk with you
[00:36] <ValkoVer> want*
[00:36] <Delirium> yup
[00:36] <Delirium> plus I want everyone to know the story
[00:36] <Delirium> everyone has my back, yet they dont know my history
[00:37] <Delirium> funny how they compare it to stealing a computer
[00:37] <Delirium> rofl
[00:37] <ValkoVer> but how much you helped him with ut4_poland actually?
[00:38] <Delirium> I made the layout
[00:38] <Delirium> did all the hinting
[00:38] <Delirium> 1/2 the shaders are fixed from me
[00:38] <Delirium> a few days of work running round with edits for him to do
[00:38] <Delirium> fixing textures
[00:38] <Delirium> lighting issues
[00:38] <Delirium> clipping problems
[00:38] <Delirium> general help
[00:38] <Delirium> and his skybox lighting
[00:39] <ValkoVer> andand encouraged him to make this map in first place
[00:39] <Delirium> so I'd dare to say probalbly about 30-50%
[00:39] <ValkoVer> iirc
[00:39] <Delirium> yeah precisely
[00:39] <Delirium> and gave him the motivation to finish it
[00:39] <Delirium> when he was about to pul out about 5 times
[00:39] <Delirium> pull*
[00:39] <ValkoVer> didnt knew that
[00:40] <Delirium> his layout was like the letter 'B' and the number '8' fucked each other while a lower case 'e' came and rammed them up the side
[00:40] <ValkoVer> and all you have is nick in readme
[00:40] <Delirium> Yup

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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby Delirium » Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:39 pm

Raider, it's not in my position or ANYONE's position at all to tell you who you should and should not recruit. I respect that and I know you have your reasons for not recruiting other mappers or members, also other reasons for recruiting newer members.

Here is the situation from our side, when I say OUR side I don't refer to CMM but I refer to ''everyone else who has made a map for UrT''
Along comes this fellow, who keenly looks up to mappers like myself. Shows an eagerness to learn and the willingness to focus everything he's got yet in the process he pushes every mapper aside, stepping over them all. He will reject any feedback from anyone, until he asks someone 'superior' to his mapping skill (in which case sometimes claimed the idea was his). He takes critisizm personally unless it's once again from someone he respects. Overall he is out for himself and he wouldn't have been #1 on my list (nothing personal Mike)

Another thing is his personal image. Remember how I used to be a moderator on the UrT forums for just the mapping section, and my mod powers were stripped because you decided I wasn't mature enough. In all fairness, I wasn't acting professional. Infact I was just a casual person. I have no problem with that. But Majki has a very rude reputation, I could bring up chat log after chat log on comments and remarks he makes about other mappers. Like a famous one amongst mappers is that ''all of the people on CMM have no skill'' (when he was just beginning to learn to map)
I'm sure there are many chat logs people can bring up to show you the extend of some of his rants. He has also had several rants about FS which you most probably haven't seen.

Also, I'm even sure if you know why he got banned from here? Or the full story even...
Far as I know, Majki left CMM because one or two of the leaders of CMM were extremely offensive towards him, saying his map sucks sh*t, he sucks,etc. Now maybe Majki had insensitively critiqued Johnny English's map and that's why he was responded to that way

It goes nothing like that.

Anyway, here on CMM we live and breathe without a professional image, we don't really have a reputation to hold.. We each have our own personal reputations but we're not an organization like you who need to withhold a professional reputation for a community who plays your game.
As you can see by the combined opinions of people here on CMM the newest inclusion to your Development team comes to a surprise, we clearly think there are a few other mappers or maps more deserving. But that then goes back to YOU not wanting to include them into the team.

I'm happy for Mike, he's my friend. I'm honoured to be THAT person who helped him so much and inspire him. I'm glad it was me who pretty much got him inspired to work on poland in the first place, and that I also kept him going when he was going to stop several times!
I sincerely hope Mike brings out the best of the opportunity he has.

In the end Raider, everyone knows the history between Me and FS. If I hadn't of been untrustworthy when I was younger, I know by now I most probably would have been a Dev. But it's not like I hold against you or anything...

I agree with Rylius too, CMM cannot be strictly to blame for the relationship between CMM and FS.

Heck even when I asked if my competitions could be publicized on the front page so we could attract more attention and try get more players to try out mapping! I did not get a reply. FS don't realize(or they do but the assistance they offer goes unseen) how much these little competition influence people into mapping or at least have greatly benefited from it! I started mapping because of a mapping competition (and who knows how many other people I've inspired to start mapping)
-> Majki was inspired by a competition(with some assistance)
-> HappyDay, one of the rising stars in mapping, he has also inspired other people to begin mapping (jump maps too!) and consistently produces good maps
-> Most of the mappers here on CMM actually joined in with the competition and benefited greatly

You saw for yourself the maps that actually come out of these competitions are actually really good maps.

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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby thelionroars » Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:45 pm

I have had nothing to say so far on this, as I have no knowledge of the history that has gone on with various people. And I have only dabbled a little in mapping to see the process and how it all works (I think my last artistic work was a fingerpainting ;) ). But I want to say that in my opinion it would be a real shame to erase CMM from the Urban Terror site. Third party maps are an important part of the community, and without a community there is no point in having a game. All of the resources for mapping and mapping well in this game come from these people. I hope you will reconsider your decision to blacklist the site and any grievances are resolved with some constructive discussion.
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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby Delirium » Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:18 am

bludshot: well you know how you hadnt seen that post where hes crediting lots of people
bludshot: and how you were like Oh well that makes me feel a lot better then
bludshot: i told him you hadnt seen it and he was basically like 'bullshit'
bludshot: and saying i was naive etc
bludshot: rofl
bludshot: so i was just like ok dude, think what you wanna think, its just too bad you guys cant get along
Delirium: lol... wtf
bludshot: and he was like yeah im done with that guy
Delirium: see.
bludshot: to which im like.. Wow thats lame.
Delirium: now he has a position in FS he no longer looks up to me, and now he treats me like I'm a scrub like he thinks every other mapper is

I've never had anything against Majki at all... As far as I know he's been my friend, and up until now for some reason isn't.
I've tried to message him everyday with no response. I never personally attacked nor insulted him, if anything I felt kinda ripped off cause he rolled all the credit on Poland without giving me public thanks. Or so I thought until Bludshot linked me to a post on the ftwgl forum (which I never check) so I didn't see it...

Now this uncalled for behaviour...? I don't have any problem with him but now he's ignoring me for fuck knows what reason...

Message to Mike;
I kinda feel like you're stabbing me in the back dude... I helped you out so much, devoted so much time to helping and assisting you. Now this? I'm not saying that your map turned out awesome because of me, but I sincerely wish you good luck finding someone else who can put in as much time as I did.

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