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Urban Zone need more great maps!

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Urban Zone need more great maps!

Postby johnnyenglish » Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:09 am


We need you!

After the success of CMM's map making marathon to provide small maps for the recent Urban Zone Knockout (we completed 7 new maps in 2 months), Urban Zone are looking for MORE new maps for their next season. Their criterea are that :

* The map must be complete and debugged and supported
* The map should support at least one of the three competition gametypes, TS/bomb/CTF
* The map should be of a size to provide a good competitive match

Maps that are of good enough quality will be co-promoted by Urban Zone and used for competitions for one season, minimum.

* The map will be used as a theme during our cups.
* Used for knockout events.
* Be promoted on Urban Zone forum with a news post and blog review.
* Streamed on Urban Zone Twitch channel.

So, here's your chance to have your map promoted and played by the pro's, get mapping.

For more information : Urban Zone - Mappers Welcome

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