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IRC Lols

A place to chat about anything you like, within reason
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IRC Lols

Postby Delirium » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:51 pm

[06:50] <ValkoVer> !penis
[06:50] <CMM|AuntieJune> ValkoVer: Your peen is this long: 8============D
[06:50] <ValkoVer> weee
[06:50] <Delirium> !penis
[06:50] <CMM|AuntieJune> Delirium: Your peen is this long: 8D
[06:50] <Delirium> Fuck me
[06:50] <Delirium> ROFL
[06:50] <DagF> hah
[06:50] <@Rylius> LOL
[06:50] <ValkoVer> xD
[06:51] <ValkoVer> micropenis
[06:51] <Delirium> !8ball are you sure?
[06:51] <CMM|AuntieJune> Most likely.
[06:51] <Delirium> FUCK
[06:51] <Delirium> Ahahaha

Story of my life

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Re: IRC Lols

Postby xandaxs » Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:18 am

It's a smiley Delirium :D
[12:25] <JohnnyEnglish> morning Nounou
[12:25] <JohnnyEnglish> wotcha doing?
[12:25] <Nounou> hello
[12:26] <Nounou> nothing much, i've nothing to do at work so
[12:26] <Nounou> modeling woman
[12:26] <JohnnyEnglish> woo
[12:26] <JohnnyEnglish> real women?
[12:26] <Nounou> realistic yes, on maya


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Re: IRC Lols

Postby Rayne » Fri Aug 31, 2012 2:28 am

Got owned by Auntie June brother, that sucks :D

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